Pastica is a delicious combination of spices, ingredients, vegetables, meats, fish, sourcream, chipotle, ham, cream cheese, peppers, mayo, mustard, ketchup, tabasco, well....let's just say just about anything.  Recipes abound on the web. You are only limited by your own taste buds, let your self go.

Pastica is pronounced "Pas-Tee-Ka", it is spanish for "dip" "spread", and defined as: a mixture for dipping food into: a creamy mixture into which pieces of food can be dipped, often served with crackers or chips.

The traditional Pastica we tend to see at parties are onion dip or vegetable dip or salsa...but traditional and conventional is sometimes boring.  Pastica will showcase the world of dips and recipes to be shared by all beginning with our "Original Ham Spread" recipe, one dip is not enough.

Pastica, inc.  Ham Spread

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Pastica - PAS-TEE-KA