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By now you are wondering what the recipe is, well, as with most moms, many of the recipes are not written down.  I learned how to make Pastica by looking at my mother "Ana", and peeking over her shoulder as she prepared the ingredients.  Here is what I observed "the combination of a can of deviled ham, block of cream cheese then it got real interesting - it was a spoonful of this and a pinch of that....and then a quick test....and then another pinch of that and this....and then another taste, Perfect!"  Sure there is more than a pinch of this and that, but that is where our Original Ham Spread recipe originates.
Over the years I have perfected what I consider to be the ultimate Pastica: smooth, tasty, spreadable, not too heavy, not too lite, just right...enjoyable as a dip or finger sandwich.  The recipe is complete!

As a family recipe and product we are always looking for others to enjoy the great taste of Pastica and help us spread the word.  If you are interested in distributing, selling or representing our brand please reach out to us with a phone call or email  or Tweet Us @Pastica

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