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Pastica, inc.  Ham Spread

our history

Pastica is a collection of "Spreadable Ideas". Pastica's story goes back to 1966 when I was a young boy living in New York City.  My mother would always have some sort of snack ready for me when I came home from school, whether it was a quick BLT, a hot dog, hamburger, grilled cheese sandwich, or my favorite "Pastica".  Like most immigrants to this great United States, our families always looked for simple, inexpensive, yet delicious snacks.  Many of these snacks today may fall under the heading "comfort food", but let's face it we all love the comfort food.

My favorite pastica (also known as "dip") was a quick fill of deviled ham and philly cream cheese.  Whip this up with a fork, put it between two slices of white Wonder bread - and my god....what a treat.  Sometimes the deviled ham was not available, so my mother always found an alternative: put a couple of hot dogs in the blender and whip them up, open a can of Vienna Sausage (or as we call them "salchichas") and whip those up or possibly even a few slices of ham, from time to time Spam was used.  In the end you had a great snack from Pastica.